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Customer Experience

Gentle and cool

As a perfectionist, I am always looking for the perfect products that not only meet the needs of use but also bring a sense of comfort when using. Forever bedding is the product which I have chosen for many years to take care of the sleep for the whole family.

Mr. Nam Phong


“Variety of designs, and modern colors”

 It's rare for a brand to be as diligent as updating new models and matching user tastes like Forever. Forever's designs are often renewed seasonally, with many designs for both adults and children. My family is very fond of it, so every time I go out in Vincom, I always have the habit of visiting Forever and look a little.

Ms. Hong Linh


Soft and quick release heat

My kids often get rashes, especially in this hot weather. I chose Forever's new cotton line for kids. I really like this product because it is so soft and it releases heat quickly, the baby no longer has a rash and I also have more time to play with my baby.

Ms. Lan Anh



I am an extrovert and always want to find new things in my life and in the resting space. Forever's new collection made me really surprised this time. The textures, colors and materials of the products are very youthful and elegant.

Ms. Ngoc Nhung


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